Optimer Trading & Contracting WLL

M/s. Optimer Trading & Contracting WLL was established in the State of Qatar to provide specialist services to the Construction Industry with extensive experience in products & services of the brands we represent.
Within a short span of time, Optimer has proven itself as a leading contractor for providing turnkey support along with complete satisfaction across all services provided by us.
We are a Customer-Centric Specialist Contractor working directly with our Clients as Principal Contractor and also as a specialist sub-contractor.
We deal with products from world class certified manufacturers & provide solutions to both public & private sectors. As a qualified & experienced contractor, Optimer prides on its workmanship & quality.
With depth of knowledge and experience of our long serving and dedicated workforce, we have unrivalled knowledge and experience across many construction-related disciplines to solve your problems.
Our highly experienced management and site team offer cost effective solutions from specification stage through to site completion.
Optimer has gained an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and reliability and our aim is to offer our clients quality workmanship at competitive prices, whist complying with the latest Health & Safety regulations. The company have got different Products to support & serve the Main contractors in the following area.
1.     Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Steel Doors
2.     Fire Rated & Non Fire Rated Wooden Doors
3.     Fire Rated Glass Doors
4.     Carpentry & Joinery
5.     Interior Fit-Out Works
6.     Merino Laminate Toilet Cubicles
7.     Steel Division

Our customer needs and requirements are paramount and Optimer ensures that we meet those requirements. Optimer site works are carried out in strict accordance with manufacturer’s Instructions and recommendations along with current codes of practice. Optimer will offer back to back warranty for our workmanship along with manufacturer’s product guarantee.

The cornerstone of Optimer business model always been to operate our business with Honesty, Integrity, Reliability and Dedication along with excellent workmanship to ensure that we meet & exceed expectations & requirements of our customers.

Optimer has established a Quality Management System to ISO 9001 criteria to make sure that the services we provide are of the highest standards and meet with client’s requirements. Optimer has also introduced procedures to continually improve the services we provide.

We aim to achieve successful management of environmental issues by:

  • Identifying risks to the environment and planning our operations to reduce any adverse impact on the environment and general public.
  • Avoid using environmentally hazardous materials and process wherever practical, and use resources considering long term sustainability.
  • Optimize consumption of energy and materials, minimize waste and recycle where possible.
  • Promote environmental issues and follow good practices through creating awareness, training for our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers.


Fire Rated Doors
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Carpentry & Joinery
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Interior Design
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Steel Division
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